Feel the power of opensource with releax

Its time to upgrade your system with the power of opensource software to get ultimate level of customization and security.

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Things you get out of releax os


Written from a blank sheet of paper, means? new adventure for penguins 🥳

Lightening fast

With super fast and lightweight base, releax os provide a lightening fast speed to your potato pc

Highly Customizable

Xfce 4.14 is here guys. Its more than enough to say about this.

Flatpak out-of-the-box

Distro from scratch means less packages ? No, flatpak is here, now you can install your faviourate package without waiting for native support

Linux means commands, fkk! 😭

Fear of commands? no worry, enough gui apps are here to get our work done without even using terminal

System Manager

sys-*, a collection of system managment tools that help you manage your system

ReleaxBase and DevelopersKit

Love coding but fear of coding in linux, well for this 'releax-base' and 'developers-kit' provide you base libraries and tools kit to build, pack, debug, test and distribute your softwares


Did i need to say its opensource ?


A lot more features for you to get surprised, give a try to releax os

Are you ready to feel the power of releax os ?

Try releax os for free, Join the great releax community and be the part of the upcomming future

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Pickup your faviourate apps with Bazaar, a app market

Bazaar, A App market that provide a beautiful and simple interface to Browser for installation and uninstallation of your apps.

Apportunity let you setup and manages your system

Fear of installing os, or never done it before, then no worry apportunity is here. Apportunity provide you the opportunity to updgrade your potato pc or brinjal laptop with a open source system.

My system is too potato,

My system is too slow to work. Don't worry, forget about your system's poor resource management, releax is ultra fast and lightweight os. It let you and your apps uses the os only.

Be the part of upcoming future, Join releax os team

releax os - a linux distro to the people like you, by the people like you, their is no any big organization, only crazy college students.

A os for Personal Usage

Preloaded with all your faviourate apps that let you done your day to day tasks. Like firefox - for web browsing, Libra office - for documents, PPT and spreadsheet, Parola and VLC for musics, videos. releax os respect your privacy also.

A os for Programmers and Developers

Easy and efficient development environments, tools and kits that let you focus on your code. Tools like project, sys-app let you develop, maintain, copy-and-paste, update, debug, pack your code automatically. Let the fear of coding in linux out of your mind with releax base libraries.

A os for Gamers

With Steam, wine, playonlinux you are not going to miss your faviourate games. And no need to redownload them for releax. releax support, most of your games to run directly on it.

A os for Content creators

GIMP, Inkscape and a lot of easy to use tools that enhance your skills with no cost. So are you paying for your hobbies.

A os of upcomming future

Get yourself ready for the upcoming technology.