releax OS

A modern GNU plus Linux based operating system without compromising unix philosophy


Why releax OS ?

releax OS provide a modern GNU+Linux OS without compromising OSS flexibility and a better application management by separating users and system packages

Separated application management 

releax OS separate users apps with system critical packages which means, currently other GNU/Linux distro. extract system critical packages and users applications like web browsers in same hierarchy i.e. /usr. releax OS have separate hierarchy for users apps i.e. /apps/ (version directory)

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releax OS majorly focused on providing a better Operating system for 

GUI based

Major Issue with GNU+Linux Distributions is the end users are not very much comfortable with command lines, for that releax OS provide a better UI/UX applications to minimise the dependencies of command lines


releax OS uses a highly customizable yet efficient desktop environment Xfce. Customised and highly integrated to provide a smooth workflow

Light on hardware

With Lightweight it doesn't mean for old hardware. releax OS is light on hardware and resource efficient so that you can get max. out-of your hardware


releax OS is built from scratch and further development doesn't depends on any other distributions.



Their is no Big Company behind. Just Crazy college Student


Manjeet Singh - Founder


Abhijit Sharma - Core Team

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