Developers Guide

Getting Source Codes

releax OS source codes can be obtained from either the organisation, or from developers repositories

Channels and Groups

You can join over growing channels and groups to take part in developments.


Everthing developed at releax OS is 100% opensource and developed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. If you're not a programmer, you can still involve into releax OS by:

Programmers and Developers

you can provide a direct impact on the development of releax OS. For the starting you need to understand the basics of releax OS which contains:

Package Managment

releax OS uses its own home grown package manager sys-app and its graphical interface bazaar, which has capability to install apps from both source and binary format,
sys-app reads recipies from /usr/recipies/ to manager applications, recipie recipie of any app is a directory containing a complete information about the app - its version, release, source url, build function, description, dependencies, patches, etc. releax OS also uses a third party package managment tool Flatpak. so that you don't miss your faviourate tools for development


Project Structure

releax os use Project - extensible project managment tool (currently able to manage codes for c, c++) To provide a common project source code structure and interface to build, test, pack and debug the codes. Using Project is not a necessary condition to manage projects (as it is not complete and have missing features).
You are free to use any other tools like (meson, cmake, unix make) etc. or any programming language and library (must be completely opensource) to develop your apps


Libr and Api's

releax os provide libr - a collection of libraries and api for boost up the development. libr provide rbase, rnet, rui, rsh, rpy. Documentations for the Api is avaliable here.