Introduction to releax OS

A Basic intro of interface and workflow

Home Screen

releax OS uses a 2 xfce panel system:

  • Top panel : for Menu, Status Indicator, Notification Area and logout menu
  • Bottom Panel : for dock and extra plugins


whisker-menu is the application menu of releax OS, which help you find your apps and games

Dock panel

docklike-plugin in bottom panel provide fast access to your pinned apps, and active windows

Fast Launcher

xfce-appfinder is a program to find and launch installed applications on your system, and quickly execute commands
press alt-f2 to activate fast launcher

Drop down terminal

xfce4-terminal is fast terminal to speedify your workflow, to access the drop down terminal press ctrl-alt-space


customizable workspace and task switching for a fast workflow is necessary,

  • ctrl-alt-<arrow-key> : to switch between workspaces by default releax OS provide a 4 workspace system, but can be modified
  • alt-tab : to switch between tasks

Package Managment

releax OS offer both commandline and graphical interface to manage both system and user applications

  • sys-app : is a releax OS homegrown package manager written completely in shell script some parts in c++ also Github link
  • bazaar : is a Frontend of sys-app to provide a graphical interface to easily manager applications Github Link
  • flatpak : is a linux universal package manager, releax os is written from scratch, that why their is a very little applications in the repository, that's why flatpak is provided, so that you do not miss out you faviourate applications


releax OS app market, you can search your faviourate applications, install, uninstall and upgrade them with ease, with bazaar you need not to remember any of the sys-app commands